With the expertee of Logika

LOGIKA is capable of using its customs services to clear transit shipments from any seaport or airport customs and deliver the shipment onboard to vessels.

For parcels that are landing in Piraeus port from other vessel, LOGIKA completes all customs formalities and forwards the shipment to any other address or transit vessel.

All paperwork, forms, onboarding and forwarding are handled/ executed internally by LOGIKA


Domestic goods, that are supplied B2B and are subject to customs warehousing regime, are exempted from VAT.

The implementation of the said regime doesn’t require either to meet the condition of an annual statistical value imports’ threshold like the Import VAT Deferment and domestic reverse charge system or the immediate goods’ supply.

In case of sale of goods within Greece, the corresponding VAT will be paid
In case of intracommunity trade, the community tax provisions regarding the VAT deferment are implemented (VIES, etc)
In case of re exportation of goods, no VAT is due